Parental Control

Here are some links to software sites that can help you control the content that your children are exposed to while on the net.

Allows parents to control not only Internet access, but offline computer usage as well.
Cyber Patrol
Gives parents the tools needed to shield children from the darker side of the Internet.
Cyber Sentinel
A easy to use total security solution for both business and home user. Will run in "Stealth mode" so it will be invisible to the user.
Cyber Sitter
Here you will find several versions of Cyber Sitter. You may run it on a network or personal computer.
Cyber Snoop
Shows you which Internet sites have been visited by your children. Will shut down the computer if someone attempts to disable it without a password.
Gulliver's Guardian
A user-friendly all-in-one Internet suite that includes a "MicroSoft Internet Explorer Compatible" filtered browser, e-mail, news reader, and Full Armor PC Protector. Also provides time restriction options.
Guard One
Easy-to-use Windows 95 software to block and monitor access to pronographic Web sites. You can download a free trial.

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